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Rosebud Urethral Sounds Kit

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Rosebud Sounds are very unique and very effective in urethral stimulation. The bud-like tip causes a highly sensitive, centralized feeling as it slips in and out! Eight 30 cm long fine steel shafts topped with a rosebud or bullet shaped tip in various sizes from approximately 1.6mm to 13mm in diameter included in this set. The sounds are protected in a velvet-lined zipper case.

Measurements: 11.75 inches in length

Material: Steel

Color: Grey

Note: 8 sounds of varying diameters included

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Rosebud Urethral Sounds Kit

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  1. These are well built and serve the purpose they were built for and will last a lifetime . If your into this kind of play then by all means get a set .

  2. The sounds are of very good quality as stated. The leather case is not so good but you are buying the sounds….

  3. This is an excellent product. Not only was it actually, and exactly, as described, but it arrived ahead of the scheduled time. No problems, no complaints.

  4. I have used these sounds and have enjoyed using them. I have only beem able to insert the first 3 smaller sizes so far and am trying to insert the # 8 size, but no luck yet. I will keep trying as the pleasure that I get is fanastic with them, I have E D and with these I can have an orgasm. They are well worth the price. The only thing that need inproving is the wire needs to be more flexible.

  5. The range of sizes is excellent as is the quality; and the large ones are big enough to be use as cervical dilators if she’s willing. I like the feeling of the deep penetration and prostrate stimulation. If you’re into extreme penal penetrations, as I am, you’ll find the larger sounds will be right up your alley; also nice to use while playing doctor with you significant other. When I’m using them on cam I always draw a crowd and get pages asking about how they feel – “great” is my typical reply.
    On the down side the case is not good quality. The sounds are held in place elastic holders which have a tendency to pull away from the case due to the weight of the larger sounds. This could result in nicks in the sounds which would not be a good thing when inserted.

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