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Pratt Urethral 11 Inch Sounds

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This Pratt sounds set is 11 inches of orgasmic bliss! In this set there are approx. 8 sounds each at 11 inches long. Each sound is graduated in sizes, and they graduate two french on each sound. These sounds range from 13 French all the way to 43 French! . Each Pratt Sounds Set comes in a velvet lined zippered pouch.

Material: Stainless steel

Color: Grey

Note: Includes 8 sounds

Reviews (11)

11 reviews for Pratt Urethral 11 Inch Sounds

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  1. The picture doesn’t do this set of dilators justice. The stainless steel is actually chrome plated, slick and shiny. (The down side to the chrome is the chance of scratches or chips, of course, so be gentle with these.)
    This set is similar to the Hegar dilator set only longer in length so the chance of “losing” one of the dilators inside the body is greatly reduced.
    These dilators are double-ended with a smooth size-to-size transition in the middle rather than a steep bump.
    The smallest dilators in this set are a bit sharp and pointy so be careful with them and don’t force them in.
    In my own opinion and based upon my personal experience this set would be enjoyed most by folks who prefer the sensations of deep dilation, stretching and very subtle rather than extreme prostate stimulation (such as that achieved with the steeply curved Van Buren urethral sounds.)
    I have found that a thick water-based lube such as Surgilube or K-Y Jelly work the best with this set as well as with urethral sounds and dilators in general.
    A great set for the price and even comes with a handy, professional-looking case.
    I believe that with ALL medical instruments in general it is best to keep this dilator set as clean and sterile as possible before, during and after use.
    It is also my own personal opinion that medical products intended for penetration or fluid transfer not be used on multiple partners nor switched between body cavities such as anus to urethra.
    Hope you enjoy this set as much as I do

  2. I have used other sounds and the Pratt 11 inch are just right for the job. When inserted fully and turned with bent side up inside, down in front. Hits the Prostate just right and massages as turned slightly back and forth. I recommend these for anyone who likes ureatheral play. Quality and packaging is excelent.

  3. If you are into the practice of recreational ‘sounding’ – you will like this set.
    A variety of sizes gives you a range of options, and the neat packaging makes storage easy.

  4. I got to tell ya, these pratt sounds are very well made, especially because of the smooth transition in the center of the sound.The bend on the ends are at the right angle too,making for ease of entry.I have looked at similar pratts of this type and they don`t even compare to this brand.As far as me recommending this product, I would. THANKS!

  5. I absolutely love these things! I’ll admit that I was a little dubious about this purchase because, let’s face it, I was horny when I bought it. However it’s been one hell of a ride since then. As one reviewer has already mentioned, when the sounds are in deep with the front end bent down, it hits the prostate perfectly, which has led to some intense orgasms.
    The case they come in is fairly sturdy. The sounds are chrome-plated, stainless steel and have a good weight to them. Luckily there’s a layer of plastic in the case to keep the sounds from hitting against one another while the case is closed. While I’ve only had them for a short time (about a month now), I’ve had no issues with the quality of the sounds such as chips or scratches (and they arrived in pristine condition).
    I would recommend this set to anyone who either likes urethral play or is willing to broaden their sexual horizons. And for the price, this set is a no-brainer.

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