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Zeus Electro Torpedo Plug – Large

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These cucumber shaped plugs are simply electrifying. Their simplistic design makes them affordable and versatile, as they can be used anally or vaginally. Once inserted these torpedo plugs are sure to sink you into deep orgasmic bliss. The torpedo plugs work directly will all Zeus Electrosex power units, as well as Folsom and Erostek units with our KE110 adapter. These plugs are bi-polar and come with a flanged base for a comfortable fit.

Measurements: 6 inches in length, 1.5 inches in diameter

Material: ABS plastic

Color: Black

Note: Works with Zeus Power Boxes, not included.

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Zeus Electro Torpedo Plug – Large

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  1. I bought the larger of the two plugs. It was my first try with electro play. I actually bought the Zeus unit and found it was amazing as a relief for back pain. So I used it more on my lower back that for sex play. But I eventually bought the probe. The sensations were amazing. I have never felt anything like that. It was the most intense and full body encompassing experience I have ever had. I have the Aneros prostrate massager and I have had what they call a super orgasm with it. But in time… I think this could be even better. If you touch the probes to your hand and you feel it and it hurts you… and you think, “why would I put this inside of me?’… trust me… its a completely different experience. It is not the sharp pain of being electrocuted. Or maybe at higher levels it is… but start slow and work up. Its worth trying.
    It took some getting used to. The little round bottom piece is not very wide and I almost lost the device. I was very nervous about it getting stuck up inside of me. But I managed to pull it out. I didn’t want to pull by the wire. So it took a bit of effort. I could only imagine having to call for help to have someone remove it. I need to measure out the circumference and then go to a hardware store and find a rubber washer, or gasket of some kind that I cant slip down around the top that will expand the base so that doesnt happen again. Its a bit tricky being one person playing with it. I also think the washer would help with a bit of the discomfort from the handle. It does poke a bit and doesnt feel great. But once you relax. close your eyes and breath… its just beyond belief. My body was ringing like a bell. It’s unlike any dildo or toy you’ve ever played with. It’s so powerful. Your body contracts and shudders completely involuntarily.
    The next day I went back to my local adult store and bought the large butt plug. It’s a bit scary and I am sure it will take some use and time. But trust me, its AMAZING. Well worth the time. I bought some adjustable stocks and restraints and I cant wait to bind and restrict my partner and use it on him.
    The ONLY reason I didn’t give it a perfect review is because of the issue with the base. Other than that I highly recommend it.

  2. This item will rock you and your partner all nite. Make sure you have the right end for your tens unit had to rig mine

  3. I love this toy!! I also bought adjustable conductive rubber rings to use with it. I have tried a several different combinations, but the one that works best for me, is to put a pad in the area between my legs, and one of the rings around the bottom of the penis head. Of the 8 available modes, I like 5 the best. This combination gives wonderful tingling sensations through the pad and ring, first one, then the other, then both. I haven’t had an erection from the toy alone, but lots of pre-cum, and have masturbated while using it. There have been no hot spots even without conductive gel.The unit is absolutely silent while in use, but the button make loud clicking noises when they are pressed.

  4. With my charging box, at the lowest setting, there is little feeling, but as the power is increased, you really get a contracting/pounding feeling like getting, well, you know.

  5. This plug was friggin huge!! We thought it wouldn’t be too big, but the thing is ginormous.. it looks like it could sink a yacht…
    We (my girlfriend and myslef) each tried the plug (After thorough sanitization before and after each use) and we have yet to get it to work well enough anally to even be worthwile… BUT!!! don’t fret! After we cleaned and soaked it for a day or so in sanitizing solution, I tried it in her Vaginally, and she was squirming like there was no tomorrow… I dont think Ive ever heard her squeal so loudly and high-pitched… It was fun just watching her….
    She described it like a series of waves of pulsating Vibrations all over where it touched inside her and like a slight pricking and tingling sensation all through her body after just a few moments of use…
    So be forewarned… this product is great vaginally, but not so great anally.. and it is not reccomended that you use it for both unless you know how to properly sanitize an electrosex toy.

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