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Blue Douche and Enema Flush Bulb

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Get a quick and easy cleanse with this simple, squeezable personal cleansing bottle. The tip is rigid and slick, yet soft with a slight flexibility and a gentle curve. The holes point sideways instead of up, making it ideal for douching or enema cleansing, forcing the water against the walls of your body instead of up, for more effective and hygienic cleansing. The bottle holds 10 ounces of liquid. Just fill, insert, and squeeze. It is just that simple!

Measurements: Bottle measures 5.25 inches in length and 2.5 inches in diameter. Tip measures 4.5 inches in length, 1 inch in diameter.

Material: PVC

Color: Blue

Note: Holds 10 fl oz

Reviews (9)

9 reviews for Blue Douche and Enema Flush Bulb

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  1. No jagged edges. base does not pop off the tube thingy. Kind of awkward, but then again, all bulb ones probably are, I would assume, but don’t really know because this is the first one I’ve ever bought. It is huge. Holds 10 oz. Huge tip that bends because it’s soft and rubbery, so you have to kind of guide it in. Can’t believe I’m reviewing this. Hahaha.Got tired of always being constipated, and it definitely works. It arrives with the tip inside the bulb. Good product.

  2. Wanted something easy… While I conceptually admired the design and what I believed were many applications…. The most basic of those applications….. It’s in the title… Truly fell short of my expectations due to the design of the holes in the nozel. Oh, yeah…. And don’t squeeze the nozel as you would maybe squeeze a rubber ball, for the apparatus may very easily deform in the area where the inserted nozel meets the rubber…. Heed my warning. As stated, you can do other things with this that could be interesting at the very least, but if you want something quick and easy for that task which is in the title….. I’m not going to suggest your not purchasing this product, I simply hope you will do more research then I apparently did before committing to purchase this product.

  3. Arrived well-packaged & undamaged. The diameter is uncomfortably large for me, but that is not the fault of the product.

  4. The nozel was kind of big, sooooo…. Yeah but if you don’t mind that then go for it

  5. Works great 😉

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